Partnership brings Scan AI, an NVIDIA Elite Partner, and Kao Data, a high performance, DGX-Ready data centre operator together to deliver a united solution

Together, Scan AI and Kao Data has established a dedicated HPC and AI ecosystem, perfectly suited for advanced computing users which utilise NVIDIA’s latest generation hardware. This strategic and timely alliance follows the UK government’s plans to establish a National AI Strategy, which aims to boost business use of AI, attract international investment and develop the next generation of tech talent within the UK.

Scan is an NVIDIA Elite Partner and offers more than 30 years of experience in specifying, deploying and maintaining hardware within technically complex HPC environments. The company delivers industry-leading expertise in developing and scaling AI initiatives, from deep learning frameworks to architectural and engineering support. Furthermore, Scan has created an entire AI ecosystem to deliver a trusted partner at every stage of the AI journey.

Kao Data is a specialist developer and operator of advanced, high performance datacentres for enterprise, cloud, HPC and AI. As a DGX-Ready certified datacentre provider and the hosts of NVIDIA’s Cambridge-1, the UK’s most powerful supercomputer, Kao Data is widely regarded as the UK’s leading solution for hosting high density, industrial scale HPC and AI. Its Harlow campus, inspired by hyperscale, was designed from inception, to power demanding computing profiles sustainably, combining 100% renewable power, refrigerant free cooling and the facilities high performance design to deliver a Power usage Effectiveness (PUE) rating of < 1.2, even at partial loads.

The partnership will forge a dedicated roadmap for organisations to acquire, install, power and maintain the latest high-density NVIDIA hardware for HPC and AI – delivering technologies and high performance connectivity solutions that have become increasingly important to the financial services, life sciences and pharmaceuticals sectors.

Marnie Sutton, Director of Enterprise GPU at Scan said, ‘This new partnership with Kao Data builds on our established credentials in AI and HPC to deliver supported hardware solutions, from across our ecosystem, in a secure NVIDIA-certified datacentre environment.’

Spencer Lamb, Vice President at Kao Data, further commented, ‘Our alliance with Scan will form an integral pillar in our continuing efforts to provide a unique and world class service to intensive computing users. This partnership delivers a seamless, straight-forward, end-to-end solution for all organisations looking to embrace the benefits of HPC and AI.’

Scan Business and Kao Data will be exhibiting together at Computing Insight UK (CIUK) in Manchester on the 9th – 10th December 2021, showcasing how they can collectively support the UK’s high performance computing community. For more information visit the Scan AI website and Scan - Kao Data Partnership page.

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