Pro infantry guide to Battlefield 3

The perfect guide to help you to break into a higher level of play in Battlefield 3

This guide will be a pros view on how to play Battlefield 3 not everything in this guide will work best for your play style. So if you can’t get used to the ways described don’t feel bad, most of what I will show you is done by the best Battlefield pros.

A bit of a background into myself and my previous history as a pro player, so you don't think this is just a run of the mill guide from an everyday gaming Joe. Battlefield 1942 came out September 20th 2002 and since then I have been hooked on the Battlefield series. Playing at first for fun then after Battlefield Vietnam joining a team for the first time learning quickly I got ready for Battlefield 2. I managed to win a few lans with my old team Multiplay UK that was picked up by Team Dignitas which in Battlefield is the biggest name. Since then I have played for them, playing every battlefield game from Battlefield 2, Battlefield 2142, Battlefield Bad Company 2 and Battlefield 3. True there have been a lot of changes to the series since I started but the same things that worked back in other Battlefield's work just as good now, so hopefully this guide shall help you get on a better footing than most other players on the battlefield.

In Battlefield 3 There Are Two Classes, Wait What Isn’t There Four?

Ever Since Battlefield 2 there has really only ever been two classes, there are the two useful classes and the two classes that don’t really accomplish that much. The useful being Assault and Engineer and the useless being Sniper and Support.


In Battlefield 3 the Assault having the Defibrillators, medic kits and the best all round weapon make them the best class to play. Not only can they heel themselves during and after a fight but they will be able to revive team mates for a good number of points. Weapon wise the Assault wins about 70% of the time and even more so in a skilled players hands.


This isn’t really a hard class to understand you play this class because you want to be in a vehicle or you want to destroy them. This class has some really good and well-rounded weapons which can come close to dealing with even the Assault class, only thing you do have to deal with is if you want more ammo for your rockets or ammo for your main weapon.


What can you say about this class they give you a big gun and the ammo to keep firing it’s not bad but it’s not able to hold its own against good assault players. You can run around but really you won’t get much better as a player.


Sniper class is kind of the lame duck of the Battlefield 3 classes in most cases even high level Sniper players will not rack up many kills. In a game where its best to always keep moving a Sniper really doesn’t fit into Battlefield 3 it’s just there to be that annoying class that every once and a while catches you out.

Battle Field 3

Assault Class: What Do I Pick?

Primary Weapon

M16A3: This weapon is the most played by pro level players in Battlefield 3 it is the best all-rounder weapon good close up great at mid-range fire fight and ok at long range.


Reflex (RDS): This will help best for close and mid-range.

Fore Grip: To help with decreased drift when firing and better control.

Heavy Barrel: For better accuracy.

Side Arm: There is only one weapon here and that is the Daddy of all hand cannons the .44 magnum.

Gadget 1

Always go for the medic kit when used right this will help you win those close fire fights.

Gadget 2

As Assault you can pick Defibrillators or you can have nothing so I say take them and use them for easy revive points.


When it comes to Specializations you must always check the squad you are playing in as they will work in a group but will not stack. If you get to pick always go for Squad Sprint, as moving faster as Assault is what you need to make sure you can get into them sweet points to get maximum kills. If this is taken Squad Ammo is always useful, as a good Assault player you will run out of ammo before he runs out of enemies to kill.

How to Play Assault Class Like a Pro

Battlefield 3 is a game where movement is always the key to winning, having a good aim is great but also reading the map and understanding where the fewer number of players will be waiting. It's best to always go on the flanks and never down the middle of the map this is where the battlefield meat grinder will mostly be and where you will be most likely to die, without getting much back points wise.

With your Sprint specialization you will be able to do something called “Bunny Hopping” as long as you don’t hit a wall or a part of the map you will gain speed. This makes you harder to hit and gets you to places much faster. So always aim for the edge of the maps or flag points and use this speed boost to get there and behind them faster.

Battle Field 3

Why Camping in Battlefield Doesn't Work

In most games like Call of Duty camping is something lots of players like to get into the habit of doing. However in Battlefield 3 this isn’t always a good idea when say attacking a flag it will take you a good minute to take which means an enemy you just killed on the flag will have time to respawn with friends to kill you. If you do setup shop and camp in their base you will find yourself killed by Nades or Tanks very quickly. So it’s best to control a small area of the flag place the Medic kit down in the middle of it so if hurt you can run quickly back or better yet stand on top of the medic kit during a fire fight. Camping for long in the same place in a game where players can see the kill cam or see your red dot on the mini map will never end well for you.

Battle Field 3

Always Heal Up, Always Reload and Always Keep Moving

Every little helps in Battlefield as the Assault class you have the medic kit which will always give you an edge in a fire fight drop one down at the place you plan to get a bit of cover for your gun battle and drop down when the Suppression effect is too much or your taking too many hits. Medic kits heal very fast. Always keep both your primary weapon and side arm reloaded this is a little thing but it was one of the first things drilled into me once I started to play at a high level. Always keep moving the battle moves on fast and its best to be behind it, staying in one place will leave you behind in action and behind in the scoreboard.

Don’t forget this guide may not fit into the way you like to play Battlefield but this seems to be how most of the Pros play these days. Go play and I hope this advice can help you break into the higher rank of Battlefield 3 players out there.

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James ‘MrDogbert’ Given