Enterprise class storage…
On-premise, hybrid or cloud

An enterprise company requires a highly-available, scalable and resilient storage solution, and here at Scan we can help recommend which would best suit your needs. Partnering with tried and trusted market-leading storage providers, we can design disk or all-flash based systems perfect for every vertical industry, or supply complete hybrid SAN solutions from the likes of NetApp, optimised for the applications intended to be used.

Furthermore, with new data compliance regulations just around the corner, it’s never been more critical to understand and ensure your data is both secure and complies with any legislation that affects your particular industry vertical.

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Whichever hardware solution you choose, NetApp ONTAP data management software ensures you get flexible, scalable and resilient storage capacity allowing up to three simultaneous drive failures, load balancing and superior I/O performance.

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AI Optimised Storage for GPU workloads

Today’s AI and Deep Learning servers consume and analyse data at much higher rates than traditional storage solutions can deliver. Resulting in low GPU utilisation and dramatically extending training times as well as decreasing productivity.

A new breed of flash-based solutions have been developed from the ground up for AI workloads and NVIDIA GPU optimisation. Delivering ultra-low latency and tremendous bandwidth at a price which allows more investment to be made on GPU resource and less on expensive, slower storage.

Extreme performance for aggressive large thread workloads
NVIDA’s A100 Offers HDR Connectivity

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Scale-out Storage

Dell EMC Isilon scale-out data storage solutions are powerful, yet simple to scale and manage, no matter how large your unstructured data environment becomes. Unlike traditional storage, Isilon solutions are flexible, efficient and stay simple regardless of how much storage capacity and performance is required, or how your business needs change. Isilon integrates easily with a choice of cloud services and, with built-in data analytics support, allows you to unlock data capital to accelerate the digital transformation of your business.

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SME Solutions

Based on the award-winning hardware and software platforms of Synology and QNAP NAS, 3XS systems can provide either desktop or rackmount configurations to suit every budget and business. We are also able to specify the drives and RAID levels that best suit your applications too - even if that means two arrays in a single chassis, such as 4x WD Red Pro drives for business critical storage configured in RAID 5, and 2x WD Purple drives for network surveillance in RAID 1.

We can also configure your NAS with SSDs (where the chassis allows), however it should be noted that that the higher access speeds of SSDs are often negated in a network environment, dependant on data traffic levels.

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