Satisfaction Survey

Satisfaction surveys just got smarter

How happy are your Customers
Find out how happy your customers are
Changes over time
See how satisfaction changes over time
Integrate with Video
Integrate with Video Analytics for more

How it works

Feedback surveys are a quick and easy way to measure customer satisfaction. But our innovative solution can make them even more insightful by adding powerful Video Analytics.

Determine demographic information about the people who answer, including gender and age range, as well as the time of day, enabling you to learn even more about your customers and when they visit.

Data and analytics collected

Satisfaction and evolution – discover the overall satisfaction of your customers, and how much it fluctuates in each area daily, weekly and monthly.

Demographics – understand the age range and gender of your survey participants.

Segments – see how different age groups and genders answered each question of your survey all in a simple and easy to understand format.

Automate & Boost

Discover how you can boost your signage capabilities with satisfaction surveys to collect feedback data from customers. You can then use this data to improve the services offered within your business to improve customer satisfaction.

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