NVIDIA Omniverse Enterprise


Omniverse Enterprise for Media and Entertainment

The film, television, broadcast and gaming industries are undergoing rapid change as new production pipelines emerge to address the growing demand for high-quality content from a globally distributed workforce. Additionally, new streaming services are creating the need for constant releases and refreshes to satisfy a growing subscriber base.

NVIDIA Omniverse Enterprise gives teams the ability to create, iterate, and collaborate on assets using a variety of creative applications to deliver real-time results. Artists can focus on maximising iterations with no opportunity cost or having to endure long render times to achieve high-quality results.

Designed for the M&E Industry

With the rise of streaming services, there’s a growing demand for high-quality programming and an increasing need for fresh content to satisfy hundreds of millions of subscribers. At the same time, teams are often collaborating on complex assets using multiple applications while working from different geographic locations. New pipelines are emerging and post-production workflows are being integrated earlier into processes, boosting the need for real-time collaboration.

To support third-party digital content creation applications, Omniverse Connect libraries are distributed as plugins that enable client applications to connect to Omniverse Nucleus and to publish and subscribe to individual assets and full worlds. Artists achieve a smooth experience with applications such as Unreal Engine, Maya, Substance Painter and other apps to quickly create and iterate on scene files while the interoperability of these software tools in Omniverse improves collaboration. Teams can instantly view photorealistic renderings of their model with the RTX Renderer so that they rapidly assess options for the most compelling images. Studios can optimise their infrastructure by efficiently centralising applications and data. This dramatically reduces IT operating expenses and allows companies to focus IT resources on managing strategic projects instead of individual workstations — all while enabling a more flexible, remote real-time environment with stronger data security.

M&E use cases for Omniverse Enterprise

Initial Concept Design

Visual artists can quickly develop and refine conceptual ideas to bring the director's vision to life.

Gaining a Competitive Edge

Visual art departments can produce innovative ideas swiftly, with infinite iterations at no opportunity cost, to meet bid deadlines and win new contracts.

Realtime Dailies

Remote teams and supervisors can review beautiful, photorealistic shots from almost any device. This lets them convey ideas effectively, reduce the number of review cycles, keep projects on track and accelerate the path to approval.

Global Collaboration

Globally dispersed content teams with a broad range of disciplines can now collaborate and communicate easier than ever, increasing creative flow across departments.

Virtual Production

With the move to shoot visual effects in-camera on virtual production stages, visual art departments can collaborate directly with the set and make directorial edits in real-time.

Try Omniverse Enterprise for free

Scan has a long standing pedigree in providing GPU-accelerated workstations and servers - through our 3XS Systems division - to the media and entertainment industry sectors, so we have the required expertise to deliver and support virtual solutions via our purpose-built Scan Cloud platform. Our expert teams understand the demands and workflows of content creators, games developers and filmmakers to ensure they get the best from collaborating within an Omniverse Enterprise environment.

But don’t just take our word for it - we can provide free access, for qualified M&E customers, to a live deployment of Omniverse Enterprise, enabling your teams to discover the collaborative working benefits for themselves. Our proof of concept platform, is hosted within a secure UK datacentre partner, and all you need to provide is your existing application licences to link to the Omniverse Enterprise connectors to start your trial right away.