3XS Cloud Workstation

Everyone knows data is increasing – both in size and volume. Media and entertainment applications generate higher definition content; the architecture and construction industry demand ever more complex 3D designs and building information modelling (BIM) requirements; the oil and gas sector produce surveys of increasing complexity which result in ever larger datasets.

These trends impact the workstation user in that the applications need to be run on the most powerful hardware – costly to update and maintain; the file sizes are prohibitively large to transfer or share between locations; and these restrictions make mobile working or remaining productive on location are almost impossible.

Until now. The 3XS Cloud Workstation from Scan eliminates these challenges to offer a flexible, scalable and maintenance-free solution.



The ability to collaborate globally on the same data concurrently removes time lags and delays in decision making.

Data Sharing

Data moves efficiently between users, meaning that key employees have significantly increased productivity levels, and no issues with version control.

Low Maintenance

Application management, on a workstation by workstation basis is time consuming and requires numerous highly skilled staff. This is avoided with virtualisation.


No fixed work location means the ability to offer mobile and or flexible working conditions to attract and retain the best talent.



Device productivity averages less than 40% due to maintenance requirements, software patching, breaks and system outages with traditional workstations.

Big Data

When the business is compelled to move large amounts of data it can struggle with constantly increasing network costs or physically moving the data via external devices, such as USB keys. This is avoided when using a secure CDE (Common Data Environment) through virtualisation.

Always Updated

Traditionally the only way to keep up with the growing process related demands has been to buy more and more physical workstations, multiplying the challenges Capex spend and maintenance. Again this is avoided via virtualisation.


Cost Efficient

Running multiple operating systems requires multiple workstations, or complex configurations. Costs of software upgrade or maintenance, security patching and application management can be significant and a major impediment at enterprise scale.

Future Proof

Applications that run on workstations would ideally drive replacements every 18 months as software becomes more demanding. Virtualisation provides technology future proofing.

Burst Capability

The virtual platform allows for ‘burst’ capability – extra performance instantly, but only when required, rather than a higher-powered workstation often being underutilised most of the time.

NVMe Storage

Regardless of the speed of the workstation PCIe NVMe storage, enterprise data is stored centrally and accessed over the network.

Low Power Usage

Workstation power consumption drives up the business’ power costs. Air conditioning costs continue to be high due to the Workstation BTU (thermal) output and can be avoided via virtualisation.


Support costs for each workstation and time lost if the workstation fails can be significant – with a virtualised platform, meantime-to-recovery (MTTR) is reduced, and the management overhead is removed.

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