Digital Menu Board

Attract Diners, Display Promotions and Engage Customers with Vibrant Content


What is a Digital Menu Board?

Menu boards are simply posters that show today’s food selection for customers to decide what to order at the counter. This menu is usually either printed on paper and hung up above the counter, or in some cases are written by hand on white/black boards.

A Digital Menu Board uses digital signage displays instead of printed paper or hand-written messages to better catch the eyes of the customer from any angle or lighting condition. By using digital signage, you can have more than one piece of content play on each screen, and have the ability to switch content quickly and easily using a Content Management System (CMS) and avoiding the need to re-print or re-write the entire menu every time there is a change.

Why use a Digital Menu Board?

Nearly 30% of customers find digital menus influential for the purchase of a product.

Studies have shown that digital signage can reduce perceived wait times by up to 35%.

Research shows that 74% of customers say an easy to read menu is a top priority and 30% of customers say digital signage influenced an unplanned purchase.

In fact, 29.5% of restaurant customers say digital menus are more likely to influence their purchase of a product.

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Benefits of Digital Menu Boards

Reduced Costs

No longer will you have to print your menus and ship them to every location or re-print them every time there is an update to the menu, saving you money every time you change the menu.


Boost Sales

When used well, digital signage can help boost your overall sales by better enticing customers to buy items on the menu. Promoting the more expensive items on the menu with attractive images and videos can help to encourage customers to buy those items.


Highlight New or Special Items

Digital signage gives you the perfect place to advertise your new and limited time food items. This is especially useful during promotional periods in the year such as Christmas when you have themed items or discounts and offers on other items.

Easy to Update

Updating content on digital signage can be done easily from any location without any printing required. By using a cloud-based CMS, all you need is an internet connection to update and manage content on screen from anywhere in the world in just a few minutes, saving you time and money.


Automatically Rotate Menus

Many restaurants have different time-sensitive menus throughout the day (Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner etc.) and have to switch out the menus every time it changes during the day. With a digital menu board, content can be programmed to change automatically at certain times of the day or certain days of the week, so that staff are freed up from having to change it manually.



Static posters are less likely to draw the attention of customers, whereas using digital signage means you are able to display videos and other moving content alongside your menu, making it easier to catch the eye of a customer and can encourage them to make a purchase on an item that they would have missed otherwise. This can also be used to upsell other food items as part of the promotions, or use it as an opportunity to promote less popular items.


Improved Customer Experience

When visiting a restaurant, if a customer isn’t familiar to the menu it can be confusing to understand what each food item is by just reading the menu. Using a digital menu board can help the customer see what item is with images or videos, making the experience more pleasant and simpler for new customers. It also means that having the experience be more visual and interactive can help the customer enjoy their time and reduce their perceived waiting time.


Reduce Wait Time

Menu boards help the customer decide on what to order before they get to the front of the line as they can see their options as soon as they walk through the door. Digital signage further enhances your menu with more attractive images and videos to help customers decide faster. Additionally, in tandem with your menu, you can also show other interesting content that can help keep waiting customers entertained, lowering their perceived waiting time.


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