Digital Signage in Hospitality

Using innovative solutions to elevate the guest experience


Why Use Digital Signage in Hospitality

In hospitality, the guest experience is everything. From hotels to restaurants, to bars and other venues, todays guests want and expect so much more than just having their basic needs met. The value and power of digital signage benefits guests and hospitality providers alike, which is why it will continue to be a hit for hotels, restaurants, resorts and other hospitality businesses.


Digital solutions for outside the classroom

Entrances and Lobbies

Make a great first impression on all of your guests using digital signage in your lobbies and entrances. From outdoor totems to greet visitors at the first point of contact, to impressive video wall and LED displays, Scan offer a wide range of solutions to impress your guests.


Check-in / Check-out

Have you ever arrived at your hotel and then had to wait in the lobby until the front desk staff were available just so you could check-in or out? Many travellers don’t want to have to speak to someone to get to their rooms but rather do that without any interaction at all. Now, using digital signage kiosks, guests are able to check in and out without needing to wait until the hotel concierge is available, speeding up any wait times and making the process quick and easy, it also means that staff are freed up to help those who really need to speak with someone.


Guest Rooms

Transform in-room displays into interactive and personalised experiences that keep guests informed and entertained. Our display solutions allow you to enable content on hotel TVs and guests’ mobile devices on the same screen at the same time. Whether it's live stats for sports or video guides for games, guests can simply connect their phone and multi-screen like never before.

Customers can also learn about incredible on-site amenities through the displays in their rooms. Bringing the offers straight to their rooms encourages guests to inquire and purchase these luxuries and help increase profits


Pubs & Bars

A must for any bar digital sign is to display the day’s drinks specials and happy hour offers. Drink specials are a tried-and-true method for getting more people to your bar, and customers want to know what you have on offer. With digital signage, you can use video and motion-graphic content to feature exciting content on each of your drinks.

One of the best ways to draw in customers to a bar/pub is live tv, specifically sport events. Displaying live games from your favourite sports like championship and premiership football, the Olympics and more, you will keep patrons coming through the door when you’re providing entertainment, meaning more sales especially during the bigger sporting events.


Restaurant Dining

Enrich and promote dining amenities with video wall, indoor, and interactive displays that increase traffic and boosts sales. Scan have a wide range of products and solutions that are perfectly suited to elevate the restaurant dining experience, and help establish that feeling of sophistication and modernity that many guests have come to expect from the hospitality industry.

Digital Menu Boards are just one of the solutions Scan have to offer to help attract more customers by displaying your menu items on screen, as well as being able to change the content of a menu board quickly, you can also update or change imagery. You may have seasonal designs or need to add a side to one of your meal options.

Displays can be used to decrease perceived wait times for your guests, as you are more likely to keep their attention and forget about how long the queues are. Interactive screens can be used to allow guests to order food for themselves without any interaction and even upsell other options at the same time.


Complete End-to-End Setup with SCAN

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