Digital Signage in Fitness

Entertain and inform your gym members while they work out


Why Use Digital Signage in Fitness?

Digital signage is not the first thing you think of when deciding what you need in a gym or fitness centre, but look a closer look will show you that there are many opportunities to use digital signage effectively.

The gym is a perfect environment with a captive audience for digital signage to make the most impact, as gym goers are often looking out for anything to engage them whilst working out. The many uses of digital signage include Live TV feeds, displaying class timetables, health and fitness tips and more.

Benefits to Digital Signage in Fitness

Digital signage is one of the best ways to promote the gym’s services like new classes, new instructors, discount and special offers. Furthermore, products from other health and fitness companies can purchase ad-space in order to promote their products to the perfect target market.

Digital displays are often used in fitness centres to display live TV and keep gym goers entertained during their time there. In addition to this, digital signage can display training videos to give members ideas on other training methods, or teaching new methods to members new to training.

Use digital signage to drive members to achieve success. Displaying educational material, motivational quotes, images and videos can make training time more effective and ultimately make it more satisfying.

There is no longer a need to print class schedules, new promotion posters, event flyers and more traditional paper-based advertising. With digital signage, content can be updated using a cloud-based management system. This also means staff are able to dedicate their time to more important tasks.

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Where Can You Use Digital Signage in Fitness?

Digital Signage is a solution that can be integrated anywhere at any time to drastically improve your communications.

Here are some of the solutions Scan offer:

Solutions for Fitness

Window & Outdoor Displays

Get information to visitors and general public passing by at the first point of contact. Window and Outdoor displays are the best way to catch the attention of anyone outside of the gym/fitness centre and help invite them inside.

You can simply display opening times or maybe there is a new sign-up promotion for new members? This is the best place to display offers and increase members.

Furthermore, you can sell ad space on your screens to help promote other nearby businesses such as places for healthy eating, meaning a bigger ROI.


Indoor Signage

The most common use for digital signage are indoor areas. Within Gyms, signage can always find a captive audience to target with the right content.

You can promote any new classes that are coming up, any new offers and promotions available to current members such as personal training sessions, or use your screens to show live TV so your members always have something to engage with.

You can also display messages that promote health and fitness on your screens, such as any workout tips, or maybe suggestions on nutrition, maybe even recipes for healthy meals.


Mirror Signage

Many members of fitness centres are motivated by improvements in their physique, so it’s no surprise to see mirrors everywhere to help inspect their appearance.

By taking advantage of this, new technology allows for your digital signage to be built into a mirrored display, giving a clear reflection while also allowing content to be displayed on the mirror itself.

These screens are also interactive, allowing members to use the screen to browse things as if they were using an app or browser to show content like activity calendars.


Video Walls

Super-size your screens with a video wall set up. By connecting specially designed digital signage displays in a grid, you can make a much larger screen to display your content.

Video walls are perfect for those larger spaces like studios where there are often more people around. It allows members to see the content from any angle at further distances.

Installing these in a fitness studio allows members to watch videos on workouts and classes without even needing a member of staff or personal trainer to be present, and when not in use for classes, it can show any other content from.


Room Booking

Most fitness centres and gyms have rooms and studios that are often used for workout, yoga and other classes at certain times of the day or days of the week.

Digital signage comes in many formats and sizes, including smaller displays that are designed to be mounted outside of rooms like these studios. These screens can be used to display when the rooms are in use and what activity will be taking place at that time so that members can easily find the right room for their class or find a free room to use when it is unoccupied.

You could also display a full calendar to show all upcoming classes in that room or other rooms in the building.


Internal Communications

Digital signage isn’t just for customers, but also for employees.

Corporate communication allows organisations the opportunity to highlight positive initiatives and provide the latest company information. This is often done through methods such as email or paper notice boards in communal areas, but these traditional methods are often overlooked as junk mail.

Employees in a fitness centre are often the same target audience as the members, meaning content can also be targeted at them. Furthermore, you can use internal digital signage to acknowledge staff and their achievements by celebrating milestones, contributions and achievements.


Menu Boards

Larger fitness centres can have cafeterias or juice/smoothie bars to help promote healthy eating whilst providing an extra service to their members.

Menu boards help to reduce total costs of menu printing, grab attention of anyone passing by with moving content and improve the overall customer experience.

Members of the fitness centre can easily see what food and drink items are available at a glance, and any new promotions available or new items that have just came in.

Content on digital signage can be changed easily and quickly using a cloud-based content management system, helping to cut costs of reprinting ever time you were to change the menu.


Capacity Management

Many fitness centres are open all hours so their members have the freedom to attend whenever they wish. Some members choose to attend at certain times to avoid peak capacity, and can be dissatisfied if they find the centre to be much busier than expected.

By using a Capacity Management Solution, real-time data can be shown on digital signage to show members the capacity of your fitness centre along with simple traffic light colours so people understand if it is a busy period or not.

Using this method decreases dissatisfied members as they are always aware of the current occupancy. Digital signage can also show promotions and other content at the same time so they are always in use.


Digital Sanitiser

Combined with digital signage, hand sanitisers can become an opportunity to advertise products and services as well as promote health and safety.

Inside a gym or fitness centre, equipment is used frequently by several people every day so sanitising and wiping down equipment becomes more important in this environment.

Whilst operating as a hand sanitising station, the integrated digital signage can be showing health and safety messages to remind people to sanitise and wipe down their equipment, as well as displaying other health and fitness tips or other product and service promotions.


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