Digital Signage in Corporate

A more effective way to communicate with your employees using digital signage


Why use Digital Signage in Corporate Environments?

Corporate environments are quickly becoming digital workplaces, and the need to deliver clear, up-to-date and relevant content to people is becoming increasingly important. Using traditional methods of internal emails, paper bulletin boards or posters comes with the risk of the information becoming out of date quickly, and time-consuming and costly to replace or update.

Digital signage empowers businesses to update content in real-time, whether that’s manual updates by the business or automatic updates with live feeds of important information such as financial reports, traffic, weather etc. Using digital signage in corporate also give you access to a wide variety of digital content assets, from web pages to images and videos and more, making your content more engaging for anyone passing by, whether that be a visitor or an employee.


Digital Signage in The Corporate Industry Encourages Collaboration, Improves Communication and Can Increase Productivity.

Digital Solutions for Corporate Environments

Reception Signage

Make a bold first impression with by using digital signage at your reception desk. Striking content on a digital display can easily attract the attention of people passing by and give you the opportunity to get important information across to employees and visitors as soon as they walk through the door.

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Meeting Rooms

Drive a meaningful business conversation using digital signage for a successful meeting and presentation. Incorporating an A/V solution into your meeting room spaces makes video conferencing, collaboration and presentations an easy and seamless experience.

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Internal Communication

Using digital signage to cut through all the junk mail and deliver important information directly to your employees. Displays can also be used to motivate staff by publishing achievements and motivational messaging. You can even show standard information such as the date, time and even weather.

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Offices are often located in massive buildings with complex layouts, sometimes with several organisations on different floors. By using a touch screen inside the building, visitors and employees can easily navigate their way around with an interactive map of the building or surrounding area. You can also display information about points of interest and display routes to their destination.

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Huddle Rooms

Simplify and make teamwork easy with interactive digital signage displays. With a touch screen display, you can develop new ideas without the hassle of any technical difficulties through smooth pen-to-paper writing experience, an intuitive user interface, and enhanced collaboration capabilities.

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Room Booking

Digital displays come in many sizes, including a small form factor like a tablet. These are perfect for mounting on the wall outside meeting rooms or huddle rooms to display their status for when they are reserved for meetings and what times they are available. By using an integrated calendar, availability of these rooms can be updates remotely.

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Digital Menu Boards

Digital menu boards can improve service, save on resource and print costs whilst also increasing sales. Replace your static menus with more engaging content, which can be seen from a further distance, giving staff and visitors more time to make their choice and therefore improve service. Offers and promotions can be displayed alongside your menus, or use multiple screens for more impact.

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