Corporate Communcations Solution

A more effective way to communicate with your employees using digital signage.


Why Use Digital Signage for Corporate Communications?

Corprate communication allows organisations the opportunity to highlight positive initiative and provide the latest company information. This is often done through methods such as email or paper notice board in communal areas, but these traditional methods are often overlooked as junk mail.

Bringing digital signage as a platform for your communications will help you to improve its efficiency and impact. Using a great visual platform, you can better attract the attention of anyone passing by with content that is more engaging than a paper poster on a bulletin board.

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Explore the benefits of a Corporate Communication Solution with Scan

Internal communications and a strong company culture are crucial elements of a winning workplace. This means internal communications are becoming more important to help increase employee productivity in the workplace.

More than half of all workers say their last work anniversary was not even acknowledged. Doing this for every employee in an organisation can be very time-consuming but most of all if you were to print out the message for a notice/bulletin board it would become incredibly costly. However, with digital signage all you need is a template design to upload and you can pre-schedule content to show on screen on each anniversary with no extra costs of printing. This isn’t just limited to work anniversaries, you can also schedule other events such as birthdays and more. 69% of employees said that they’d work harder if they were better appreciated, giving this personal touch to your communications can help individuals feel valued to the business, in turn can improve productivity.

Using digital signage to communicate with your employees means more opportunities to share achievements to a wide audience. The number one reason employees leave is a lack of recognition according to a recent Harvard Business Review study, improving communication with employees with Digital Signage can help to avoid this.

Key Features & Benefits

Catching Attention

Striking content on a digital display can easily attract the attention of people passing by and give you the opportunity to get important information across to employees as soon as they walk through the door.


Share Performance Metrics

Many businesses have their own internal dashboards to measure their performance on a regular basis. Displaying some of these metrics on digital signage around the building gives transparency to employees and can provide motivation to do perform well.


Increase Employee Morale

Digital signage can be used to boost morale at the workplace by celebrating milestones, contributions and achievements. This doesn’t just have to be related to business performance, even celebrating an employees birthday can help to motivate individuals and encourage a sense of comradery in the team.


Share Social Media

Your digital signage can also be used to share your organisation’s social media feeds. With a social media wall, you can display a real-time feed of user-generated posts mentioning your organisation, and can even show analytics for your own social media performance.

Displaying this on your digital signage also encourages employee interaction & engagement with your social media channels, and also motivating them with positive posts about your company.


Communicate Across Offices

Many Organisations have several offices in many different locations. However, this does not mean extra co-ordination would be required between offices to manage communication strategies. By using our Content Management System (CMS) you are able to centrally manage all your digital signage content from any location in the world as long as you have an internet connection. Furthermore, this can still be customised per location for different social feeds, sales figures and more.


Improve Meeting Room Booking

By integrating a room booking system with your digital signage, you can use small form-factor screens outside meeting rooms to display their status. You can even show how long the meeting will last and if a next meeting is scheduled afterwards.

See a clear view of how long rooms are available for and what resources are available in each room and then choose a suitable room and complete the booking process on screen using a touch screen display.


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