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Enhance Communications and Improve Response Times for Emergency Services


Why do Emergency Services need Digital Signage?

Organisations in emergency services need to constantly have relevant and up-to-date information in order to react as fast as possible to any scenario. Scan’s digital signage solutions allow you to control all your information and display it in exactly the way you want on your screens. Keep all your personnel and visitors up-to-date with the latest information using easy to update mission critical information.

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Key Features & Benefits

Rapid Information Distribution

Digital signage allows for immediate and widespread distribution of crucial information during emergencies. Emergency alerts, evacuation notices, and safety instructions can be displayed in real-time, reaching a large audience within seconds. This helps to improve public safety and ensure that people receive timely information to make informed decisions.


Enhanced Communication and Coordination

Digital signage serves as a centralised communication platform, facilitating effective coordination among emergency personnel. It provides a common visual interface to share incident updates, maps, instructions, and other relevant information. This improves collaboration, situational awareness, and decision-making during emergency response efforts.


Increased Visibility and Attention

Attract attention more effectively than traditional static signs or announcements. Dynamic content, vibrant colours, and motion graphics capture the viewer's attention, ensuring important messages are noticed and understood. In high-stress situations, clear and attention-grabbing signage can reduce panic and confusion.

Flexibility and Customisation

Digital signage solutions offer flexibility in displaying a wide range of content. Emergency Services can easily update and customise information as situations evolve. They can display real-time data, maps, weather updates, evacuation routes, and other relevant content specific to the emergency at hand. This adaptability allows for efficient communication and response.


Improved Wayfinding and Navigation

During emergencies or large-scale events, digital signage can provide clear wayfinding instructions, directions to emergency exits, and evacuation routes. This helps people navigate complex environments and reach safety quickly. Digital signage can dynamically update information based on changing circumstances, such as directing individuals away from hazardous areas or suggesting alternate routes.


Training and Education

Digital signage can be utilised for training emergency personnel and educating the public. It can display instructional videos, safety procedures, simulations, and other training materials. For the public, digital signage can provide information on emergency preparedness, first aid techniques, and contact details for emergency services. This improves overall knowledge and readiness in emergency situations.

Remote Management and Control

Many digital signage solutions offer remote management capabilities, allowing emergency services to control and update the signage network from a central location. This is particularly useful during fast-paced emergency situations, as information can be instantly modified, ensuring the accuracy and relevance of displayed content across multiple locations.

Where to use digital signage?

Digital Signage is a solution that can be integrated anywhere at any time to drastically improve your communications. Content can vary drastically based on the organisation it is used in, whether it’s law enforcement, emergency medical services or fire rescue.

Here are some of the solutions Scan offer:

Digital Signage inside your buildings

Digital Signage can be used from welcome screens and communication channels to promote internal events, department achievements, sharing social activity, and even support services to personnel and visitors, to internal comms to your fellow colleagues. Unlike traditional notice boards, having messages animated on a digital screen over paper posters and leaflets draws more attention from passers-by and guarantees the content will be seen.


Digital Signage outside your buildings

Our outdoor solutions are totally weatherproof and vandal proof allowing you to deploy screens around your buildings for further assistance and additional communication channels. This ensures that your content has the furthest reach possible to improve communication to personnel and visitors throughout their journey on site. As outward facing screens, it is likely that other members of the public will be passing by and seeing the content on screen, which gives a great opportunity to convey any messages to the public and improve relations with the local community.


Interactive solutions

They can be used to deliver step-by-step emergency response instructions, offer virtual simulations and training, provide public safety information with interactive maps, enable reporting and feedback from the public, display emergency notifications and alerts with user acknowledgment, support multi-language communication, and collect data for analysis and improvement. These displays enhance learning, improve public safety, foster communication, and provide valuable insights for emergency services in a dynamic and interactive manner.



Headquarters for emergency services can be extremely large and have complex layouts in, making it difficult for new personnel or visitors to find their way around and get where they need to be on time. The introduction of wayfinding touch screens provides an additional assistant which can also provide a level of security assurance. Digital wayfinding systems offer real-time updates, multi-level navigation, and integration with emergency management systems to ensure accurate and efficient movement during critical situations. They improve operational effectiveness, response times, and enhance overall safety for personnel and the public.


Menu Boards

Digital menu boards provide numerous benefits in canteen settings, including dynamic and engaging content display, real-time updates and flexibility, promotional opportunities, improved communication, cost and time efficiency, strategic menu highlighting, and enhanced customer experience. These digital displays offer visually appealing menus, allow for easy updates and promotions, facilitate clear communication of nutritional information, and create a modern and welcoming atmosphere, ultimately optimizing menu presentation, driving sales, and improving overall customer satisfaction in canteen environments.


Emergency Operations Centres

Our Control Room solutions can be used in any emergency operations centre. Having all your incident data and other mission-critical information be monitored from one single location enables operators to easily display, customise and interact with an unlimited number of sources, while providing managers with a real time overview. Critical information can be brought into focus automatically so the right personnel can respond as fast as possible to any incidents.


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