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Wi-Fi Security

Wi-Fi Security

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Perhaps the golden rule of wireless security is: change the password to your access point. Lists of default passwords are easy to get hold of, and that last thing you want is to hand over the configuration of your wireless network to an unscrupulous character. Make the password hard to crack. Use numbers and letters; nothing of a personal nature that somebody might figure out.

SSID stands for Service Set IDentifier. It's a means of identifying which network a packet of data belongs to. Your wireless access point will have a SSID, which may also be referred to as a network name. By default, your wireless access point broadcasts its SSID so that client devices can find it. However, you can disable broadcasting of the SSID and change the name of it. That way, you can only connect if you know the name.

By no means should you consider this a security measure. It's still easy to locate a wireless network that doesn't broadcast its SSID, providing you have the right software. Turning off SSID broadcasting just makes your network less obvious and is less likely to give off a “hey, come and hack me” impression.

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