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Wi-Fi Security

Wi-Fi Security

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Wireless Security
WiFi is a wonderful thing. You can take your laptop anywhere in your house and access the Internet, or access your network from the garden. However, it does introduce the grim possibility of somebody else doing exactly the same, without you ever knowing. This guide seeks to make you aware of various security terms and ideas associated with wireless networking and what you should consider when setting up a wireless network.

The first thing you need to consider is what the WiFi setup will be used for. A wireless hot spot in a trendy café shouldn't be locked down like Fort Knox. Anybody should be able to find and access the wireless access point. However, any computer that connects to an open network like this should have some form of firewall enabled. Remember that other users of that access point will be able to access your computer if you leave it wide open!

That aside, if you're setting up a home or office WiFi network, you don't want any Tom, Dick or Harry using the connection. There are multiple things you can do to ensure this.

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