TP-Link homeplug Powerline adapters for home network

TP-Link home plugs gives you a quick hardwired network solution without the hassel of long cables

Fast wired connections

Take your router’s internet connection and transport it around the home via your existing electrical circuitry.
Delivers a stable and fast wired connection to other rooms without losing any speed or performance.


Gigabit speeds

Connect to Gigabit speeds for your smart TVs, game consoles, computers and network attached storage devices. Just use an Ethernet cable to attach your devices to the Powerline adapter to get started.


Mains Passthrough

Powerline adapters with passthrough feature an integrated power socket, allowing you to plug in a mains powered device. No socket needs to go to waste.

Wi-Fi Capable

TP-Link offer a number of Wi-Fi powerline options too, so whilst you can still take advantage of the wired connections from your powerline, you can also connect Wi-Fi devices as you would to your Router.

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