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The Thermaltake Level 20 - 20th Anniversary

Level 20, as an embodiment of Thermaltake’s cultural foundation, user-friendly consideration, and technology advancement, is a new flagship model that coincides with Thermaltake’s 20th anniversary.

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Level 20 Design Story

Thermaltake embraces our deep-rooted core values, PC cooling. It is the rudiment that Thermaltake is built on, wanting to focus on ventilation optimization, we decided to bring back the highly adored individual compartmental design from its predecessor, Level 10. With excellent airflow and the capacity to house outstanding amount of liquid and air cooling system, Level 20 is a superior ventilation optimum chassis.

We also recognize the importance of innovative flexibility for the hardcore gamers and DIY PC lovers today. With that in mind, we incorporated various flexible mechanisms such as interchangeable panels and versatile components placements. The flexibility provides incredible modding potential for modders and enthusiasts.

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