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Rugged Drives for All-Terrain Reliability

Creative artist Therese Asplund discovers how storage helps her turn her amazing ideas into captivating photographs



On the one hand, I pay a lot of attention to the right setting and lighting during the shoot, but I also want to experiment with concepts that people haven’t seen before.” A great example of this are her underwater photos, for which she takes her camera, flashlights and models to the bottom of the local swimming facility.


Therese Asplund

Photography has always been a passion for Therese Asplund. Ever since she got her hands on her grandmother’s old camera at the age of ten, she has loved taking portraits of people. Today, Asplund owns a studio in the small town of Avesta, in the middle of Sweden. As a young woman, however, she did not pursue a professional career in photography. “I didn’t believe that photography could be a serious occupation. It felt to me like I wanted to be a rock star,” says Asplund.


LaCie Rugged SSD

On location, Asplund relies on an ultra-fast LaCie Rugged SSD. This drive offers speeds of up to 1,050 MB/s, encryption, and dust, water, and drop resistance.

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LaCie 1big Dock

Back at her office, she offloads her footage onto a LaCie 1big Dock. This is a storage hub that lets you ingest files directly through built-in CF and SD card slots, connect two 4K displays, daisy chain devices via USB-C or USB 3.0 ports, and charge your laptop with up to 70W of power.

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