EKWB Quantum Line Water Cooling

The latest Quantum Line liquid cooling designs and technology from EKWB

ekwb quantum water block

The Journey Of The Quantum Design

It was six years ago when EK introduced the CSQ design language, which was the first of its kind in the industry. It disrupted the market and set the bar for how water blocks were designed.

Edvard König, Founder and CEO, decided that it was time to raise that bar again and that there was a need for product diversification and separation. Thus, the Quantum Line was born – the premium high-end portfolio made for enthusiasts who want to stand out.

The core principles of the line, that Edvard envisioned, are that there may be no corners cut in production, quality beyond reproach and outstanding looks. But products couldn’t stand out on their own, we had to make them stand out together. Uniformity in design language has become the new wave.

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What is Quantum all about?

EK’s realization of the Quantum design philosophy is that everything in the liquid cooling loop is interconnected.

Performance must be considered in the context of the entire liquid cooling loop, not just by its individual parts. You can see the alignment of the Quantum lineup of products expressed through the new design language.

The specific design shapes cannot be mistaken or confused with any other, and products carrying them are carefully balanced for optimal performance and flow restriction.

quantum line cpu block

Quantum leap into a modern design

With the Quantum line, we’ve started something fresh – a whole line of products designed and developed around the idea of perfectly matching and complementing products that bring unparallel aesthetic uniformity.

Corner cuts, side sloping sharp ins, and outs, complimented by chamfer details, and a new sleek EK® logo badge provide our Quantum products a distinctive next-gen look.

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Dream PC - Art Piece

With a broad line of next-gen liquid cooling components, the Quantum Line offers users the ability to make a unique system that will awe and inspire everyone who sees it. A true modern art piece, standing out.

But aesthetics, while important, are not everything.

The Quantum Line offers top of the line performance with near silent operation ensuring no disturbance while your high-end rig crunches whatever you throw at it. Never again must you worry about thermal throttling or the lifespan of your hardware. With the Quantum Line, your high-end hardware will be better than ever.

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Quantum Line Enthusiast Products

With a wide choice of materials, you can pick whatever fits your aesthetics and PC theme. Be it RGB, D-RGB or if no RGB is your preference, the Quantum Line has it all. In short, it consists of ultra-premium products made for enthusiasts.

If you are ready – make the quantum leap with EK