BeQuiet! Light Wings


Who says cooling fans can either look great or provide good performance? The be quiet! Light Wings fans hit the sweet spot between high-performance and quietness with impressive illumination effects. The high-speed version with 9 fan blades provides maximum performance for radiators while the standard PWM version with 7 blades is the optimal case fan solution. Both are available in single packs or as a triple packs with a bundled ARGB Hub.

Features of the Light Wings

• ARGB LEDs at the front and rear make for amazing effects
• Individual illumination options with up to 20 LEDs
• The fan hub can sync up to six ARGB components for an even more impressive appearance
• Silence-optimized fan blades for low noise-generating turbulences
• Pulse width modulation (PWM) allows compatible 4-pin controllers (including those built into many motherboards) to intelligently vary the speed of the fan
• Expressly recommended for use in show cases and gaming systems for best performance and appearance
• 3-year manufacturer’s warranty

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Light Wing Fans