ASUS VivoBook Series

WOW the world


It’s now time for you to stand up and define Gen Z culture to #WowTheWorld. Defy convention and break free from norms with the new 2020 #VivoBook series.

VivoBook S

It’s bold, unconventional, and definitely unique. Get work done on the go with the superslim VivoBook S, and show the world who you are with its standout colors and striking design.


VivoBook is perfect if you’re looking for an everyday laptop to surf the web, write term papers, so simply just for casual entertainment.

VivoBook Flip

Is it a tablet or is it a laptop? Enjoy the benefits of both with the incredibly versatile VivoBook Flip to make the most out of your side hustle.

Dare to be different

If there was ever a laptop that represents who you are, it’s the youthful VivoBook series. This unconventional laptop adds a dash of personality to your mobile lifestyle thanks to its stylish design and standout colors. You’ll never be ordinary with the VivoBook series.

Break the mould

Life moves fast, and you need a laptop that’ll keep up. VivoBook series pushes the limits of what’s possible, packing the most into a compact chassis to give you a powerful ultraportable that doesn’t weight you down. It doesn’t stop there: ultrathin bezels framing the display give you more onscreen space – so there’s more room to unleash your imagination.

Find the best in you

Your future is what you make of it, and VivoBook has the tools to help you every step of the way. Powerful processors, stunning graphics, and innovative features help make your day so much more productive and efficient.



Asus VivoBook