Stands provide a way of securing and mounting your audio gear in a way that’s convenient for its intended purpose. Whether it’s speaker stands you need to raise and de-couple your studio monitors from your desk or whether it’s a mic stand for recording vocals, we can accommodate your needs. We feature stands by manufacturers such as STAGG, CITRONIC, ON-STAGE, ISO ACOUSTICS.

Microphone Stands

Microphone stands come in different shapes and sizes, some for vocalists, some for instrument mics...


Guitar Stands

Guitar Stands come in all shapes and sizes. but they are much the better option than just leaning your guitar against a wall or a settee....


Speaker Stands & Isolators

Speaker stands help secure your speakers and improve your stereo image. Isolation pads can take this a step further by reducing the vibrations caused by the speakers.


Keyboard Stands

Stands for musical keyboards.


Miscellaneous Stands

General Music Stands

Tekspek An in-depth guide into tech: Iso-Acoustics Desktop Speaker Stands