Piano's & Keyboards

There are a wealth of instruments that can fall into this category, and here at Scan we carry the cream of the crop from Premium manufacturers such as Korg, Roland, Nord, Novation, Behringer, Waldorf and many more.

Digital Pianos for the home are sleek and stylish, many with built in speakers, perfect for both adults and kids to learn with, but also featuring hammer action keys so Piano players can enjoy them too.

Synthesisers come in a wide variety of sizes and abilities, from simple but cool analogue units to full blown studio beasts chock with filters, arpeggiators and the rest.


Synthesizers can introduce experienced professionals and budding beginners to a world of electronic musical effects. Our range includes dozens of large, powerful units that need to be kept at a desk as part of a wider production facility - and we stock palm-sized versions, too.