DJ Equipment

From traditional vinyl turntables and analogue mixers, right up to the latest standalone controllers with USB pen drive inputs and DVS systems, we’ve got something for every type of DJ and to suit all budgets. Don’t forget the importance of stands and cases to look after your digital kit and keep it in premium condition, wherever you play.

DJ Headphones

Explore our extensive range of DJ headphones, crafted specifically for live performances. Our selection features closed-back designs that provide exceptional sound isolation, ensuring you can focus on your mix without external distractions. These headphones are often equipped with flexible joints, allowing for the classic "one cup on, one cup off" style that DJs rely on during mixing and performing. Built to withstand the rigors of live environments, our DJ headphones deliver superior sound quality, durability, and comfort. Whether you’re spinning at a club, festival, or private event, these headphones will help you deliver seamless, professional mixes every time.


Dynamic Hand Held Microphones

Whether you're a seasoned professional or an enthusiastic beginner, our selection includes top brands like Shure, Audix, Sennheiser, and more. These mics are designed to deliver superior sound quality, durability, and versatility, making them ideal for live performances, studio recordings, speeches, and events. Explore our collection to find the perfect microphone to elevate your audio experience.