Controller Keyboards (MIDI)

Controller keyboards are normally connected to the computer by USB or 5 Pin MIDI connections. Controllers don’t make sound of their own, but rather output midi and control signals to the computer that can then be used to trigger software instruments or other midi devices. These will all feature a piano layout keybed that may have keys that are weighted, Semi Weighted or unweighted (synth style). They may also feature DAW control features or pots and faders to control other MIDI devices.

25+ Note Keyboard Controllers

Designed to let you control your Softsynths and samplers on the go, these units are perfect for anyone wanting to work whilst travelling, or where space is limited, or where the artist simply doesn't need any more than 25 notes. These units typically include an Octave up and down switch enabling you to reach the higher or lower notes that would be present on a full size keyboard.

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49+ Note Keyboard Controllers

These Keyboards are great where space is at a premium or if you want to work on the move. Although not as many notes as a full size keyboard, many units typically have an Octave Up/Down feature to allow you to access the extra notes, and many have an array of knobs, switches and sliders allowing you to control your Softsynths and Samplers with ease.