Guitar amplifiers take the weak electrical signal from a guitar pickup and boosts the signal to drive one or more speakers. There are two configurations of guitar amplifiers. “Combo” amplifiers include an amplifier and house one or more loudspeakers in a wooden cabinet. Standalone amplifiers (known as the “head”) don’t include a loudspeaker(s) but instead pass the amplified signal to one or more external speaker cabinets via a speaker cable.

There are several types of guitar amplifier: Tube amps (also known as valve amps) use vacuum tubes to increase the amplitude of a signal. Solid-state amps use transistors and diodes to amplify the signal. There are then hybrids which utilize a combination of the two.

Guitar Combo Amplifiers

A combo amplifier contains both the amplifier head and speaker cabinet in one intergrated unit.


Acoustic Guitar Amplifiers

Acoustic guitar amplifiers are specifically designed to produce a clean, transparent, acoustic sound. They will usually have a relatively flat frequency response so as not to "colour" the sound too much.


Guitar Amplifier Stands & Accessories

Sometimes justlifting your amp higher, or tilting your amp or combo backwards and projecting the sound upwards instead of straight out into the audience, can make all the difference to your sound. For this you need an amp stand...