AMD Graphics Cards

The ultimate GPUs for gaming PCs

The GPU (Graphics Processing Unit) or graphics card is the most important component in a gaming PC, determining its performance and what resolution you can enjoy games at while also providing additional capabilities such as ray tracing. Learn more about the brands of GPU we recommend if you’re building a new PC or upgrading your current system.

The AMD Radeon Range Explained

The Radeon range starts with mid-range GPUs that cost a few hundred pounds to high-end GPUs that cost over a thousand pounds. The latest Radeon GPUs belong to the RX 6000-series, which are notable for supporting stunning ray traced graphics in supported games.

AMD Radeon Graphics Cards

To help you choose between the different GPUs the table below rates the gaming speed out of 10 for the latest Radeon GPUs, with buy buttons which link off to all the graphics cards featuring these GPUs. The table also indicates which GPUs support ray tracing, are compatible with VR and recommends the optimum gaming resolution.

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