USB Pendrives

USB-based pendrives are portable-storage devices that contain flash memory for the ultimate in personal data storage. Today however, these pendrives are around half the size of a pen, or less. They feature USB connectivity for a direct connection to any system with a USB port. Most feature a ring attachment point for your keyring/lanyard strap. Advanced features on some include weather resistant construction, encryption/security and a capless design. Premium pendrives can offer capacities of up to 1TB and super-speedy transfers thanks to USB 3.1 Gen 2 support. Often these drives can sustain over 250MB/s transfer speeds when reading and writing large files.

High Performance USB 3.0/3.1 Portable Flash Memory Drives

The latest revision of the USB standard, version 3.1, doubles the theoretical speed from 5Gbit/s or 625MB/sec to 10Gbit/s or 1,250MB/sec, meaning much quicker data transfers when copying files to and from a USB device such as a pendrive. USB 3.1 devices are backwards compatible with USB 3 and USB 2 ports, but you'll need a motherboard or add-in card that supports USB 3.1 to get the full advantage of the new standard.


USB 2.0 Portable Flash Memory Drives

Otherwise known as a USB Stick or USB Flash Drive. These compact solid state data pen drives are the ultimate in personal data storage. Look out for advanced features such as a ring attachment point for a keyring/lanyard, weather resistant construction, encryption/security and capless design.

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USB Hardware Encryption & Two-Factor Authentication Keys

Yubico USB dongles help secure your PC or laptop, preventing unauthorised access.

They combine hardware-based authentication, public key cryptography to prevent unauthorised users from accessing compatible software and websites.