KVM Switches

KVM is an abbreviation of Keyboard Video Mouse. A KVM enables the operation of two or more computers from one keyboard, mouse and monitor. KVMs allow you to switch between the connected computers which is usually by a selected 'hot key' on your keyboard or a button on the KVM unit itself. Advanced features on certain units include audio (for speakers/microphone) and USB switching. Check individual product specifications to confirm the specific connections included will meet your requirements.

KVM Cables

These additional cable packs are designed to be used with the KVM switches and video splitters listed upon the website.

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KVM Switches - HDMI/DP

These KVM - Keyboard Visual Mouse products are for when using a HDMI monitor. Advanced features on some products include switching of USB and audio ports, remote control switching of the HDMI outputs and the ability to connect multiple HDMI monitors.