CPU - Intel Server

The CPU is the host processor of the server and these Intel processors are ready to be installed in the motherboard inside a server. There are many grades of Intel server CPU from entry-level models to high-end models. Make sure you select a compatible motherboard/server for your chosen CPU. 3XS Systems can custom build a server for you, please visit our server configurator for more information. Naturally, Scan is a premier Intel partner and retails the latest Xeon Bronze, Silver, Gold and Platinum processors ready to be deployed in a wide range of systems.

Intel Xeon E5 2600 Socket 2011 Sandy Bridge EP Processors

These Xeon E5 2600 processors are designed for the workstation and server market. The pricing reflects that, but so do the specifications. These CPUs have between 2 and 8 cores that use Intel's Sandy Bridge EP architecture, and also support quad-channel DDR3 memory. The E5-1600 family are designed for single CPU systems, while the E5-2600 CPUs can all be used in dual-processor set-ups for even more performance.


Intel Xeon X5xx Socket 771 Harpertown Processors

The Intel® Xeon™ Processor is designed for dual-processor server and workstation platforms. Featuring innovative technologies such as the Intel® Netburst™ Micro architecture, and Hyper-Threading Technology, Intel Xeon processor-based systems offer outstanding platform dependability, value and versatility. The Intel Xeon processor MP features Hyper-Threading technology, Integrated Three-Level cache architecture and Intel® NetBurst™ Micro architecture to provide versatility, performance, value and dependability for today's server platforms.

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