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The desktop PC case is where all your components will end up, and the variety available is staggering. From basic towers that get the job done to mammoth showpieces and even tiny cases that are living-room-friendly, Scan has you covered. Accessories such as filters, brackets and sound-proofing materials are all here too.

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Tower PC Cases (ATX or Larger) Including Power Supply

These tower cases support at least ATX form-factor or larger motherboards so are ideal for building anything from a performance gaming PC to a high spec. home or office computer. They already include a PSU, so you don't need to buy one separately.

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Mini-ITX PC Cases

These cases may be compact, but you can still build very powerful desktop systems into many of them. They're typically cube-shaped or flat, slimline cases suitable for home theatre PCs and living rooms, but beyond that the designs both inside and out vary wildly. As such, it's vital to check there's enough clearance for your other components before buying.

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Case Bay Convertors / Brackets

Bay converters and brackets for PC Cases which include brackets and drive bay converters of various types.


Fan Controllers / Front Panel IO

It's worth thinking about a fan controller if you've fitted your machine with numerous cooling fans and third-party heatsinks. These are generally installed inside the front 5.25in bays of your case and are used to monitor temperatures and fan speeds - so you can speed fans up if your hardware's struggling or slow fans down to quieter speeds if you have the headroom. Basic models are affordable but have fewer features, and pricier products include high-end features such as touchscreens and Internet connectivity.

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