A cable is one, two or more wires bound together, typically in a common protective jacket or sheath. The individual wires inside the jacket may be covered or insulated. This wire is usually copper because of its excellent conductivity. Cables are used to connect two or more devices such as a hard drive and a motherboard or two PCs to enable communication between them. Cables come with various connectors that focus on an area of transmission - video, data, audio, power, etc. Some cables can transfer multiple streams of data or video.

Apple & Smartphone Cables & Accessories

These cables are designed to work with a whole variety of Apple hardware, from current and legacy iPhones to iPods and iPads. We don't just have standard cables, either: there are adapters to make older cables work with newer hardware, car kits and other types of rare accessory.


CAT-8 Copper Ethernet Network Cables

The cat8 cable or category 8 network cable is an Ethernet cable rated for high speed meaning its ideal for small business, reaching speeds of 25 Gbps (Cat8.1) to 40 Gbps (Cat8.2) rated to a frequency of 2GHz the Cat8 cable can reach an eye watering 2 billion signals (transfers) per second. This high speed means all Cat8 cable length upto 30m using a 2-connector channel made up of a high density shielded cable. This difference in Quality means that Cat8 is rated for data transfers 250 to 400 times faster than Cat5. It's worth noting Cat8 cable is also backward compatible with its previous versions.


CAT-7 Copper Ethernet Network Cables

A network cable is used to connect a computer to a network. This can be a range of setups such as a broadband router feeding a single computer, two computers connected directly to each other, or a multiple number of computers and a network printer all connected to a server or router. RJ45 is the plug type. Compared to the lower CAT cables, CAT 7 provides increased bandwidth, up to 10GbE. Note that there are two configurations of cables, Straight and X-Over (crossover). A X-Over cable is only used when connecting two computers directly to each other, or when connecting a computer directly to a peripheral for setup/configuration purposes.


Network Tools / Fittings / Accs.

Network wall sockets, tools and accessories for all your cabling network requirements. Build a integrated cable network within the walls of a building to making up loose network patch cables.

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PSU / Cable Ties / Misc Cables

Miscellaneous cables including keyboard, monitor and power cables.