Apple & Smartphone Cables & Accessories

These cables are designed to work with a whole variety of Apple hardware, from current and legacy iPhones to iPods and iPads. We don't just have standard cables, either: there are adapters to make older cables work with newer hardware, car kits and other types of rare accessory.


Apple iPad Mini

One of Apple's most recent tablets shrinks the stunning iPad down to size - ideal if the standard 10in model is just too cumbersome. The iPad Mini has a 7.9in Retina display, a dual-core Apple A7 processor and 5MP camera. They're available with Wi-Fi or mobile network connections, and storage runs from 16GB to 128GB.


Apple Notebooks

Apple's MacBooks come in two flavours: Pro and Air. The former includes Apple's powerhouse portables, most of which come with stunning Retina displays, discrete graphics cores and Haswell processors to boost battery life. They're available with 13in and 15in screens, and start at just under £1,000. Air laptops come with a sturdy all-aluminium construction, 11in and 13in displays, and Haswell processors for better performance and battery life. They're slimmer and lighter than Pros, but not powerful enough for high-end work or games. -