Android Tablets

Android-based tablets offer an easy path into mobile computing. Using all of the features common to billions of smartphones, Android Tablets are simple and intuitive to use.

8" - 10" Android Tablets

There's a huge amount of variety when it comes to Android tablets. Cheaper models will be able to run basic apps but they can't handle high-end games, and their screen and build quality will suffer - but high-end models will be able to run anything you can throw at their quad-core processors and Full HD screens. We have big-brand models from a huge range of companies, and devices vary in size from pocket-sized 7in models to more impressive 10in tablets.


Advanced MicroSD Memory Cards

MicroSD memory cards expand the file storage of mobile devices such as cameras and phones and other devices with a MicroSD slot.

These particular MicroSD cards are rated as up to UHS-I Class 3 (U3), meaning they can write at up to 30MB/sec making them suitable for recording 4K or FullHD (1080p) video at 60 - 120fps and high resolution photos. Some of these cards are also rated as V30 Video Speed, labelling them as being optimised for video recording.

Some cards even feature an Application Performance Class, making them ideal for use with devices such as tablets & smartphones. Cards labelled A1 provide a minimum of 1.5k Read & 0.5k Write IOPS, while A2 labelled cards push random performance even further with a minimum of 4k Read & 2k Write IOPS.


USB Mains Power Adaptors

These USB mains adaptors are ideal for powering or charging your favourite portable devices, such as handheld games consoles, mp3 players, and smartphones, via any UK mains power socket. We also have multi-port variants for charging multiple devices concurrently, along with a multi-region plug which is great for charging your devices in power sockets abroad.