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A Graphics card is a dedicated expansion card with one or more monitor outputs. Depending on the card, it connects via the PCI or PCI-E slot on the motherboard. This can then over ride the integrated on-board graphics controller and output of the motherboard. Some of the advantages of using a graphics card include a higher quality visual output and clarity, increased range of resolutions with the ability to run two or more monitors (depending on the card). Graphics cards are available in a range of specifications from low to high-end. Depending on the requirements. Updated 31/05/11

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Matrox Graphics offers a wide range of graphics cards customized to meet the unique requirements of professionals today. Matrox graphics solutions combine superior image quality, extensive multi-display capabilities and exceptional stability.

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32MB Matrox G55+MDHA32DSF, G550, AGP 4x, D-Sub/ DVI, Passive Cooled Graphics Card, Bulk
  • High End Rating

£77.91 ex VAT

£93.49 inc VAT


32MB Matrox G55MDDAP32DSF, G550, PCI, LFH-60, Passive Cooled, Low Profile Graphics Card
  • High End Rating

£116.24 ex VAT

£139.49 inc VAT


128MB Matrox P69-MDDP128F P690 PCI DualHead 2 x DVI-I, Passive Cooling
  • Mid Range Rating

£123.74 ex VAT

£148.49 inc VAT


256MB Matrox P690 Plus PCI  LFH-60, Passive Cooling, Low Profile
  • Mid Range Rating

£211.66 ex VAT

£253.99 inc VAT


128MB Matrox G45X4QUAD-BF, G450 MMS Quad, PCI, 2x LFH-60, Cooling Fan, Quad digital or analog support
  • High End Rating

£409.16 ex VAT

£490.99 inc VAT

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