Vision Mixers and Streaming

High performance mixing solutions for live broadcasts and streaming


A vision mixer or switcher allows you to take video outputs from multiple devices and switch or mix between them. Every live show you’ve ever watched that has cut between different cameras has used one of these devices. They are the cornerstone of broadcast and live events and can also be used to raise the production value of any live event by adding effects, graphics & picture in picture to your output. The increase in live streaming has led to the inclusion of streaming capabilities within the latest live production mixers. New products now include USB outputs that send your program output ready to be streamed immediately to platforms such as YouTube and Facebook Live.



Each mixer will feature a variety of different inputs and outputs and will also support specific formats. The most common connections you’ll see are SDI and HDMI as these are standards within live production environments. Some mixers even feature scalers/converters on their inputs to allow you to mix and resolutions and frame rates from different sources because there’s nothing worse than getting to an event to find out there’s a laptop or camera that you just can’t use!



Monitors are required to see the various feeds you have coming in so you can mix them or switch between them. Multiviewers allow you to see each incoming signal as well as your program and preview signals. This allows you to make quick decision on what you want to show. The program view is the signal currently being sent out of the main output on the unit whilst the preview is the signal you have lined up to cut to.



With the rise of platforms such as YouTube and Twitch, more and more people are moving towards live streaming. Whilst we can all go live on our phones, getting a high quality, professional production live isn’t quite that straight forward. The process of getting your content onto the net can be broken down into two major processes - encoding and streaming - usually tackled by different devices, however there are devices that can do both.

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Vision Mixing and Streaming

Software and hardware to get your video online or mixed in a live production environment. Includes All-in-One hardware like Pearl 2 and JVC's StreamStar for an even easier time while producing a stream or mixing content together, perfect for education settings or live stream studios who need to get online quick.