High performance lenses for professional video cameras


Next to sensors, lenses are the most critical component of any camera. Lenses take in the light in a scene and focus it onto the sensor so that an image can be recorded. While a majority of consumer cameras come with fixed lenses, professional cameras nearly always have a specific lens mount for detachable lenses. This allows you to choose the lens that suits the scene best.

There are two main factors you need to consider when choosing a lens - firstly whether you require a cinema or photo style lens, and secondly, the focal length needed.


Cine vs. Photo

Although photographic lenses can be used for filming, cinema lenses provide additional benefits - namely how light is transmitted through the lens. F-stops and T-stops are used respectively for these lens to control the amount of light - however F-stops are not always an accurate representation as they can vary between manufacturers. In contrast, T-stops are very accurate across all high-end cine lenses.


Focal Length

Lenses have a focal length measurement given in millimetres (mm). This measurement defines the distance from the optical centre of the lens, when focused at infinity, to the camera’s sensor. The focal length also determines the field of view, or how much of a scene will be visible. A lens with a short focal distance will give a wide field of view while a lens with a long focal length will give a very narrow field of view.

Additionally, lens mounts that make switching between lenses easier are available, alongside various lens filters to create effects and remove unwanted elements like UV.

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