Camera accessories

High performance camera accessories for video professionals


Although your camera and choice of lenses are the central part of your filming set-up, there’s a whole range of accessories designed to offer convenience, protection and additional functions.



Accessories such as wireless transmitters enable greater freedom of movement when filming as a tether cable is not required to connect to your other equipment. Additional battery packs can also add convenience to your filming set-up, allowing longer times in the field between having to plug in to recharge.



For a better view of what you are shooting, you can add electronic view finders or monitors to your camera. Teleprompters can also be added when filming pieces to camera for broadcast.



To ensure your shots are stable and steady, various rigs and mounts are available to not only create better imagery but to avoid accidental damage to your camera. Waterproof covers are also advisable when filming in adverse weather conditions or harsh environments.

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