Curved PC Monitors

The edges of these monitors very gently curve inwards, matching the curvature of the human eye. The curve is so gentle it's not really conciously visible, but combined with an ultra wide aspect ratio makes games, particularly first person shooters even more immersive than when played on a standard flat monitor.

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Media Streamers


Motorised Gadgets



Smartbands are the latest in wearable tech. Featuring gyro technology, NFC and pedometers, these bands are not only handy mobile accessories, but also essential fitness buddies for tracking distance and calories burned!


Web Cams

Video cameras for computer use known as web cams. They connect to your computer via the USB port and open up the possibilities for you and your computer. Use for personal video recording, video conference calls, VOIP such as Skype, CCTV and much more. Look out for advanced features such as built in microphones, HD and high resolution video imaging. Most are compatible with both PC and Mac, always check individual specifications to confirm.

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