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Founded in 1993, NVIDIA has grown into the market leader in graphics, with its innovative GeForce GPUs and peripherals being the number one choice for gaming PCs and laptops. Scan works closely with NVIDIA to offer the complete range of products and they are also the key ingredient of our award-winning 3XS Systems gaming PCs.

Want to learn more about which NVIDIA product is right for you? Take a look at the NVIDIA product range to discover everything you need to know to make the perfect purchasing decision about your next upgrade or new system.

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What is an NVIDIA G-Sync Monitor?

Although you can use any monitor for gaming, G-Sync monitors have been specifically designed for gaming. G-Sync monitors work in concert with your NVIDIA GeForce graphics card to provide smoother refresh rates, wider colour gamuts and reduced input lag and are a must have for the ultimate gaming experience.

How G-Sync works

Most monitors have a fixed refresh rate, which is measured in Hz, the number of refreshes per second. G-Sync monitors have a processor that communicates with your NVIDIA GeForce graphics card, sharing information such as the frame rate. This allows the monitor to match its refresh rate with the frame rate, reducing stuttering and tearing when gaming.

NVIDIA G-Sync Features


Variable Refresh Rate

G-Sync monitors intelligently match the refresh rate with the frame rate of the graphics card. This reduces tearing and stuttering in games, delivering a smoother experience. NVIDIA also works with monitor manufacturers to develop higher refresh rate monitors, including industry-leading 360Hz monitors.


Lifelike Colours

G-Sync Ultimate monitors support the DCI-P3 colour gamut so produce a wider range of colours than standard G-Sync monitors. Combine this with support for HDR (High Dynamic Range) which gives these monitors a wider contrast ratio and your eyes are in for a real treat.


Input Lag & Reflex

Input lag is the time it takes for your monitor to respond to commands such as moving the mouse or pressing a key and can be a real problem in fast-paced multiplayer games. G-Sync monitors have reduced input lag compared to standard monitors and support Reflex, which enables you to monitor input lag.



Fast moving objects can appear blurred on standard monitors, but with Ultra Low Motion Blur Technology G-Sync monitors sharpen moving objects, resulting in crystal clear and silky-smooth movement.

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