Media Converters

The products in this category are used to extend wired internet connections over extreme distances. Entry-level products can be used to use a connection over hundreds of metres, and pricier models extend connections over 20 or even 60 kilometres.


Network Tools / Fittings / Accs.

Network wall sockets, tools and accessories for all your cabling network requirements. Build a integrated cable network within the walls of a building to making up loose network patch cables.

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Switches - 1 - 6 Port

These switches, are available in 1 to 6 port. They are ideal for home or office use and enable you to connect multiple PC's, gaming consoles, printers and other network enabled devices together. Using a switch allows increased performance and higher bandwidth in comparison to a traditional hub.

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Switches - 24 - 48 Port

These 24 to 48 port switches are the ideal choice for large office, schools, server applications and large corporate organisations. Geared towards high end networks which include devices such as NAS drives, security cameras, work stations and printers into one network.


Switches - 8 - 16 Port

These switches, available in 8 to 16 port. They are the ideal choice for small to medium network use. Switches allow connection of multiple network enabled devices, such as PC's, printers, security cameras, NAS drives etc.


Switches - PoE

Power over Ethernet switches are switches combine a power source and data through the Ethernet cable. This setup removes the need for a power source at the network device. These PoE switches are suitable for network webcam setups, intercom systems, VoIP and wireless access points where there is no power nearby. A non-PoE device will require a compatible PoE Splitter.

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Video Splitters & Extenders