Chord (AVSL)

Launched in 2010 to satisfy the requirements of AVSL's music retail partners, the Chord music brand covers everything that a musician could need from guitars and percussion to amplifiers and stands with a multitude of accessories in between.

DI Boxes

DI boxes convert both line and instrument inputs into balanced outputs that can be used in any mixer or or device with balanced inputs.


Guitar Gig Bags & Cases

Whether you're looking for or a sturdy, rigid, secure method of carrying your guitar around or just looking for something you can sling over your back for easy transportation, you'll find everything you need here to protect your prized possession.


Keyboard Stands

Stands for musical keyboards.


Microphone Accessories

Clips, shields and adaptors for microphones.


Microphone Stands

Microphone stands come in different shapes and sizes, some for vocalists, some for instrument mics...