2box is a a newly established manufacturer with focus on useful tools for the performing musician. The developing team, based in Sweden, has a long experience in developing powerful electronic musical instruments. The first product being launched is the electronic drum system DrumIt Five,with more new products to follow. 2box creates user friendly systems. Special emphasis is put on easy to use interfaces bundled with intuitive editing software for PC / Mac platforms. Intended use of 2box systems is live on stage, in a studio or rehearsal room or in any place where a musician is playing music.

Drum Accessories- Mats, Sticks and Misc.

Everything you need to carry, hit, fix or clean your drums....


Drum Machines / Trigger Modules

Drum machines are electronic musical instruments which imitate the sounds of drums and percussion instruments. Sounds are triggered by pressing trigger pads/buttons. They typically have a step-sequencer which allow you to program drum patterns. Most modern drum machines also allow you to load in your own samples.


Electronic Drums

Electronic Drums have come on a long way since the classic hexagonal Simmons kit of the 80's. Kits now often use multisampled drums to replicate the different tone of drums hit at different volumes. Some kits use mesh drum heads which aim to replicate (almost silently) the feeling of hitting a real drum skin.