Interxion Partners with Scan to Offer AI-as-a-Service, Powered by NVIDIA

AI strategy is becoming increasingly important for businesses to get right. But reaping the rewards of AI requires enterprises to overcome a significant challenge: developing the powerful, connected, highly-performant infrastructure needed to support the technology at scale.

With this in mind Interxion is partnering with Scan Business to offer AI-as-a-Service, powered by NVIDIA DGX Systems, through its London campus. This partnership enables enterprises to start experimenting with the power of DGX in a colocation environment, supported by Scan’s ecosystem of technology and software offerings that help simplify the AI journey.

Scan, a leading AI solution provider in the UK and Europe, will manage the installation comprised of DGX systems, providing enterprises everything they need to develop and scale their AI initiatives, from deep learning frameworks to architectural and engineering support. At the same time, enterprises get all the benefits of colocating in an Interxion data centre that offers the best IT environment to support over time leading infrastructure for AI. With access to a community of connectivity and cloud providers for inference low latency, enhanced security measures, and advanced power and cooling technology critical to support training of models at scale.

“We’ve seen the cost of cloud creep up on many enterprises, especially when models are being run continuously and using vast computing resources,” said Ivan Coetzee, Head of AI Collaboration at Scan. “Through our partnership with Interxion, we’re looking forward to helping enterprises combat some of these challenges, enabling them to move from the AI development phase to data processing and inference at scale.”

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