Scan announced winners of NVIDIA AI Innovator of the Year for second time

After being awarded AI Innovator of the Year by NVIDIA in 2018 for its development of the AI ecosystem approach and becoming a trusted advisor for DGX solutions, Scan has now won the award for a second year running in 2019.

By placing an NVIDIA DGX system at the centre of its solutions, the Scan AI team has gained expertise through hands-on experience within our proof of concept environment and coupled this with gaining a host of accredited teams members in all disciplines from computer vision to technical configuration and installation. The 2018 award recognised Scan’s ability to advise clients on not only the NVIDIA GPU system, but on AI optimised flash storage and appropriate connectivity to complete the solution - all supported by in-house team of technical experts, system architects and data scientists.

The second award in 2019 acknowledges Scan’s continued progress in developing its ecosystem, most notably in two key areas. Firstly, to include complimentary AI software platforms to aid data preparation or deep learning model training, and providing support to ensure these function seamlessly with NVIDIA DGX software stack. Secondly, the last 12 months has seen Scan become a certified Deep Learning Institute (DLI) delivery partner, enabling the teaching of AI foundation and specialist courses in order to better equip partners and customers in how to get the most from the technology

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