Scan first UK partner to be awarded NVIDIA Elite Partner status for Deep Learning & AI

Scan Computers has been awarded Elite Partner status by NVIDIA recognising the company’s capabilities in the areas of deep learning and AI. Since NVIDIA launched the DGX-1 AI supercomputer in April 2016, it has introduced this accredited status, to reflect significant knowledge attainment with the fast evolving areas of deep learning and AI, and the ability to be a trusted advisor for NVIDIA’s hardware and software portfolio. Scan is the first UK reseller partner to be awarded the certification.

NVIDIA Elite Partner status reflects Scan’s commitment to completing all the necessary technical training required, achieved by the growing Scan AI team comprising of system architects, data scientists and software engineers. It also recognises that Scan has configured a number of DGX-1 appliances in a proof-of-concept datacentre environment, in order for it’s customer to try GPU-accelerated computing and understand the potential it offers. The opportunity to try the DGX-1 before purchase is also unique in the UK too.

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