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3XS Cloud Rendering Service

GPU-accelerated rendering in the cloud

Cloud Rendering

3XS Systems servers are the gold standard when it comes to rendering applications. Powered by professional-grade NVIDIA RTX GPU accelerators, all the capabilities of our award-winning 3XS servers are now available in the cloud from any device, anywhere. The Cloud Rendering Service powered by Scan Cloud, enables any organisation to take advantage of highly responsive GPU-accelerated compute without the need to invest in on-premise hardware and its associated maintenance. Available in rental increments as small as one month, Cloud Rendering can be used as little or as often as needed.


NVIDIA RTX GPUs lie at the heart of our Cloud Rendering Service, delivering cutting edge performance and features for rendering.


As your business needs develop additional Cloud Rendering instances can be quickly spun up and additional storage brought online.


3XS Cloud Rendering profiles are available in a wide range of configurations, tuned for the different users and render engines used in your organisation.


Available in monthly commitments paid for from OPEX, there is no upfront outlay from CAPEX or ongoing maintenance costs associated with on-premise hardware.


3XS Cloud Rendering Service is hosted in secure datacentre environments so the cloud experience will not compromise the integrity of your data.


As an NVIDIA partner, Scan provides guidance throughout your cloud service - from a free guided proof of concept to personalised workstation configurations.

Optimised for rendering

We understand how important it is to tune workstations for specific workloads and applications. The 3XS Cloud Workstation range includes multiple profiles, specifically designed for the most popular workloads. As 3XS Cloud Workstations support any standard Windows-based DCC application, our specialists can create a custom profile for you if required.


GPU Rendering

GPUs are ideal for rendering as they have thousands of cores working parallel. A render that will take a CPU hours may be complete in minutes on a GPU. However, there may be some tasks where some intricate detail may be lost.

Although a separate component from the CPU and featuring dedicated memory, GPUs can be scaled and performance is delivered through the many cores and rapid throughput.


CPU Rendering

Most render engines are now able to take advantage of GPUs for shorter render times. However, the 3XS Cloud Rendering Service also supports high speed CPU rendering. CPUs are sometimes better at rendering intricate projects, as they can smoothly handle a set of more diverse tasks that require different computing operations, as opposed to GPUs which are designed to process huge chunks of data by executing them in the same way over and over again.

Supported Applications

Accelerated by NVIDIA RTX GPUs

The most powerful professional visualisation and compute GPUs are the NVIDIA RTX series. RTX GPUs, delivered virtually by the 3XS Cloud Rendering Service bring a host of features to the professional user enabling far greater creativity, control and capability.

Real-Time Ray Tracing


RTX GPUs realise the dream of real-time cinematic-quality rendering through optimised ray-tracing APIs such as Microsoft DXR - providing the ability to render photorealistic objects and environments in real time with perfectly accurate shadows, reflections, and refractions.

AI Enhanced


RTX GPUs add powerful AI-enhanced capabilities into visual applications. This dramatically accelerates creativity by freeing up time and resources through intelligent manipulation of images, automation of repetitive tasks, and optimisation of compute-intensive processes.

Features of Scan Cloud

Each Cloud Rendering instance is provided with at least 500GB of high performance SSD storage for the operating system and applications. Storage of project data, such as models, textures and video is provided via dedicated cloud storage nodes that can be accessed by the Cloud Rendering profiles in your account. Our application specialists will work with you to identify the optimum capacity for this shared storage, which can be easily scaled as your needs develop.

New Cloud Rendering profiles can be spun up rapidly, with a fresh install of Windows 10 Pro ready to go. All you need to do is install and license your applications and you can start work right away.

The Cloud Rendering offering, delivered in conjunction with our secure datacentre partner iomart, has been designed from the ground and includes optimised appliances at every stage of the architecture to reduce bottlenecks and ensure scalability. Unlike other remote GPU-accelerated services these environments are supported by a full team of expert Pro Graphics consultants including application specialists, software engineers and hardware architects to supported your cloud experience.

Pricing and profiles

Profile CPU Cores RAM GPUs GPU Cores Storage Usage Relative Performance Price per month
Ampere RTX
10,752 CUDA,
336 Tensor, 84 RT
1TB Rendering * £819 (ex VAT)
LN124465 32x AMD EPYC 128GB DDR4 2x 48GB NVIDIA
Ampere RTX
2x 10,752 CUDA,
336 Tensor, 84 RT
1TB Rendering ** £1,579 (ex VAT)
LN124466 64x AMD EPYC 256GB DDR4 4 x 48GB NVIDIA
Ampere RTX
4x 10,752 CUDA,
336 Tensor, 84 RT
1TB Rendering *** £3,099 (ex VAT)
LN124458 24x Intel Xeon 384GB DDR4 8 x 24GB NVIDIA
Turing RTX
8x 4608 CUDA,
576 Tensor, 72 RT
1.7TB Rendering **** £1,799 (ex VAT)
LN124467 128x AMD EPYC 384GB DDR4 8 x 48GB NVIDIA
Ampere RTX
8x 10,752 CUDA,
336 Tensor, 84 RT
15TB Rendering ***** £5,499 (ex VAT)

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