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What is a Control Room?

A Control Room or Operation Room is a broad term that can cover anything from a military command centre to a shopping centre security room. A control room is a central location that monitors, manages and/or deploys resources whether that's data and information or human resources, this is the room where it all happens.

Control Rooms have different needs and uses in many different industries, whether it's for a police station, manufacturing warehouse, or a network/security operation centre, Scan's control room solutions are tailored to meet your needs.

Explore the benefits of choosing a Control Room Solutions with Scan

Control rooms that deliver quality monitoring architecture with real-time responsiveness. Scan have expert teams that can help build a feature-rich solution fully customisable, scalable and flexible to your space. Our specialist teams provide support and guidance at every step.


Unlimited Resources

Customised Layouts

Scalable Solutions

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Key Features and Benefits


We put global management at the fingertips of every administrator. The Manager tool enables customers to monitor, control and even interact with any Userful deployment anywhere globally.


Customised Layouts

Create custom displays of information for practical insights. An intuitive browser-based management platform with ‘drag & drop’ features allows operators to customise content based on their requirements – all on demand. Save content preset zone layouts as quick recalls, for required actions and decisions to be made faster.


Improve Density while Increasing Satisfaction

With NVIDIA vPC, you can deliver GPU-acceleration to every virtualised user and support up to 32 concurrent users on a GPU card. Work typically done by the CPU has been offloaded to the GPU, the user has a much better experience and more users can be supported.

Scalable Solutions

Grow your business with the ability to control everything from a single point. Customers can quickly increase the number of users, sources, displays and visual applications, or all of the above. This solution ensures customers can put any content source onto any display anywhere in the world in real-time.



There is dedicated to security at every level. User authentication, encryption, endpoint security, air-gapped servers, information security policies, GDPR, and a solution built on industry-leading IT standards are just a few of the ways the solution has led the industry in security. Automatic Failover ensures continuous system availability. In the rare case that things go wrong, a backup solution is always ready.



The software platform ensures customer deployments are always up to date with new features, upgrades and updates included. This solution’s ability to support any display and operate from cloud or on-premise servers ensures the platform is ready for today and for tomorrow.


Open Non-Proprietary

Userful's open technology architecture ensures maximum flexibility for customers, no proprietary or specialized hardware, support for any display, and an API to connect with third-party applications. All resulting in a reduction in total cost of ownership.

Complete End-to-End Setup and Service with SCAN

Scan have a full dedicated team, specialising in control room solutions. This ensures a smooth transition from consultation to installation, training and ongoing support. Speak to a team member today to start your project.

Why choose control room solutions with SCAN?

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Experienced Technical Expertise

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Partnered with Userful

Scan collaborates with technologies to benefit customers on the latest market solutions from vetted suppliers. Scan have chosen Userful as their recommended software of choice to power our control room solution.

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