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Choose your storage solution

Select the type of system depending on your form factor, connectivity and workflow needs then customise the specification to your requirements.

Dell EMC Storage Solutions

Rackmount Isilon storage appliances optimised for unstructured and tiered storage environments.

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NetApp Storage Solutions

Rackmount NetApp EF- and AFF-series flash appliances designed for scalability and cloud integration.

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AI Optimised Storage Solutions

Rackmount storage appliances optimised for training in conjunction with NVIDIA DGX, EGX and HGX training systems.

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Professional Services

Services such as installation, configuration and monitoring ensure your storage infrastructure performs optimally.

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Essential Information for Storage

3XS storage servers and NAS devices are built with highest quality components to give you unmatched performance and reliability for managing, sharing and backing-up your mission-critical data. We offer a wide range of systems at a variety of price points. The following guides will help you learn more about the components we use in our storage systems and how to pick the optimal configuration.

Storage Configuration

While our intuitive configurators give you ultimate flexibility to choose the components and specification you require, are you always aware how any given choice could impact the overall performance of your storage solution?

External Storage Buyers Guide

Choosing your Drives

It’s not only the type of storage device you choose that will affect performance and functionality, but also the type of HDDs or SSDs that you install within it.

Internal Storage Buyers Guide

RAID Protection

It is usual for mission critical business data to want to protect it, so RAID technology is often deployed to do this. However, this must be configured and controlled within the server.

RAID Controllers Buyers Guide

NAS Solutions

Network attached storage (NAS) is one of the most simple and flexible ways to add storage in a business environment, with many configurable options to tailor a solution perfect for your business.

NAS Buyers Guide

UPS Solutions

When adding any storage device to your network, you should always check that your existing uninterruptible power supply (UPS) has the correct capacity to cover any power surges or blackouts to ensure critical data is protected.

UPS Buyers Guide

Peace of Mind

3XS storage servers and NAS devices are professionally assembled in our state-of-the-art factory in the UK and are protected by a three-year warranty. Warranty upgrades are available including onsite and 24x7 cover.

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