Digital Signage

Whether you’re a small or large company or education establishment, Scan 3XS has a digital marketing solution for you, adapted to your budget. Thanks to the Beabloo cloud technology, with just a screen, player and Internet connection you can communicate what you want (prices, collections, offers etc) when you want, in the format you prefer (digital signage, website, mobile app or social networks). You can even gather anonymous statistics on who is viewing your marketing to measure its effectiveness. To discuss your requirements please call 01204 474747 or email [email protected]

Digital Signage

Digital Signage is the most effective way to communicate information. Even though print marketing is still a very popular way to share information, Digital Signage is by far the most effective and penetrative way to get across your messaging. There are many forms of Digital Signs from single large format screens to multi-screen video walls, free standing kiosks, shelf edge displays and tablet type devices to name just a few.

Digital Signage

Multi-Screen Video Solutions

Video walls are a way of combining specialist screens together to form one large supersize screen. These screens are an amazing way of displaying content to your potential audience as they are much larger than even the biggest single large format screen. Scan 3XS has many years’ experience building video wall solutions and is able to supply portrait and landscape solutions along with truly unique artistic designs using different orientations, sizes and manufacturers of screens.

Digital Video Wall

Digital Signage Made Easy

Combing the power of our unique Scan 3XS media players combined with the Beabloo Content Management System, we are at the forefront of today’s digital signage deployments. We offer an easy to use, cost effective and scalable solution. With the power of our video and Wi-Fi analytics software we are also able to help customers achieve their KPI’s. Beabloo is the only software company that can provide such a mix rich and powerful technology.

Content Management System