Digital Signage

Whether you’re a small or large company or education establishment, Scan 3XS has a digital marketing solution for you, adapted to your budget. Thanks to the Beabloo cloud technology, with just a screen, player and Internet connection you can communicate what you want (prices, collections, offers etc) when you want, in the format you prefer (digital signage, website, mobile app or social networks). You can even gather anonymous statistics on who is viewing your marketing to measure its effectiveness. To discuss your requirements please call 01204 474747 or email [email protected]

More than a Signage Solution

Our Digital Signage lets you transform your traditional POS into a dynamic, creative and interactive solution. You can update and engage your customers with the latest news, offers and information. Plus, reduce lengthy time scales and eliminate the printing, delivery, distribution and implementation costs of traditional point of sale. From single screens to video walls, shelf edge displays to touch screens, we’ve got great digital signage solutions for any kind of business.

Digital Signage

Supercharge your Point of Sale

Beabloo Digital Signage lets you transform your traditional POS into a dynamic, creative and, most importantly, interactive solution. The video analytics within our solution allow you to identify your customer's age and gender and their engagement with your content; whilst the Wi-Fi analytics track the overall footfall through your space and offer insight into the effectiveness of your layout – and that’s just the beginning of what our technology can provide for your retail environment.

A Complete Solution

Just Right for Small Business

Advanced digital signage installations aren’t just for large multi-store companies – we have a package that fits a smaller business too - MyBloo offers big business tools for small budgets. We’ve got simple, flexible and affordable solutions to help grow your small business. From professional apps and websites, to digital screens, Video Analytics and social media management.