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Simple Security Services

In today’s connected business world with its inherent online security threats, every company will fall into one of two classifications - those who have suffered a cyber-attack, and those who are not aware they have suffered a cyber-attack. Our aim here at Scan Professional Services is to help you navigate through the minefield of Internet Security – what it is, what measures can be taken and most importantly – how secure is your company?

Security Services

Security Auditing

As a Company you may have put a huge amount of time and resource into maturing your security posture. But have you checked it against an externally recognised Standard to find the gaps? And if you did do a check (audit) did you use an expert with no previous knowledge of your Company?

Security Auditing

Penetration Testing & Vulnerability Assessment

A vulnerability assessment is the process of identifying, quantifying, and ranking the vulnerabilities in a system. This assessment may assist in the detection of misconfigured or unpatched systems, and it can be done either internally, externally or both. Scan Professional Services can provide industry qualified, experienced penetration testers who are able to offer your company a variety of services.

Vulnerability Assessment

Incident Response

If the worst happens and you think you have already been compromised, Scan Professional Services are here to help. We have highly training incident response consultants on hand to offer you fast response incident investigation and management to industry best practice. Our team can be either physically on site or accessing your network remotely within hours of a breach occurring.

Incident Response

Data Leakage Prevention

Your data is the critical aspect of your business, and preventing its loss should be just as critical. Our Professional Services team are highly knowledgeable in this area, and are able to work with your business to minimise the risks to your valuable data.

Reducing data loss

Meet The Team

Our Professional Services team of consultants are on hand to offer your business their vast experience, whether it be network design, security concerns or simply to chat through a challenge you’re currently facing. Here at Scan Professional Services, we want to help you get the best from your business.

Meet the team